The wonder of learning environment

The design of the learning environment has become an important competence factor in the field of education. Learning is stimulated by the environment.


Naturally, learning can take place outside the school premises, for instance outside in the nature, at the workplace, in a cafe, just name it. Still, there is usually a physical place and space called school.


What is an ideal school? It is great if it can be developed with the students, staff, and the surrounding world. It has to have a foresight aspect because the school will function in the future and develop the students for the future. 


There should be various kinds of spaces making spontaneous and planned encounters possible. Quiet places, meeting rooms, rooms for exercising some practical skills, room for music, dance, sports, traditional and novel learning. 


The form of the room impacts learning. If it is a traditional frontal classroom with the teacher on a pedestal the teaching and learning will probably be traditional, too. In vocational education it is intriguing if the school reminds the students and staff a workplace. Digitalization is here and ICT is a vital part of the learning environment. 


The student services are included in the learning environment and the pedagogical milieu. The software hast to be easy to use and suitable for mobile devices. There has to be a fresh restaurant with a lot of coffee, student services office, automated library with reading room, books and magazines, naturally very much on-line. There has to be a professional nurse and preferably sports facilities. A garden and a yard are always wonderful. Parking lots are desirable if there is space. 


It is great if the school premises can be open to everybody. Naturally, security is crucial. It shall not be belittled. Security is a good subject for next blog text, I think.


A wonderful learning environment tempts students and competent staff members. When the school can be identified from outside and is a part of the city, the brand value of the school increases.